This Tasker project lets you easily copy YouTube video descriptions

This Tasker project lets you easily copy YouTube video descriptions

While the YouTube app on Android gives you access to video descriptions, it doesn’t let you interact with the content in the description field. Unless the description has links, you can’t interact with it in any way. And even if it has links, you can only tap on them to open them in a WebView wrapper within the YouTube app. As a result, you can’t copy text from the video description and paste it into a different app or copy links to open them in your browser of choice. Thankfully, there’s a Tasker project that lets you copy YouTube video descriptions with a single tap.

The new Copy YouTube Video Description Tasker project does exactly what its name suggests. It presents the content from the description field for the current YouTube video as selectable text, making it easy for you to copy text and links from the description. Check out the video embedded below to see it in action.


While this might seem like a niche use case, Tasker gives you access to a bunch of such projects that could help make your life easier. Thanks to its new beginner-friendly Tasky interface, you can now try out this project and many others without going through a complex setup process. The pre-built routines range from simple “flip to shhh” options to more complex automatic parking notifications. For starters, you can import the Copy YouTube Video Description project by following the link below.

Import Copy YouTube Video Description project

For more information on Tasky and how you can use it to automate various actions, check out our previous coverage. Make sure you check out our Tasker Tips & Tricks forum for useful tips and to interact with fellow Tasker users.

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