Latest Tasker 5.7.0 Beta 6 lets you remap the double tap power button gesture to anything you want

Latest Tasker 5.7.0 Beta 6 lets you remap the double tap power button gesture to anything you want

Tasker is one of the most versatile tools available to the Android enthusiast community, allowing users to configure and set up their devices to do exactly what they want it to do. Despite its price, the automation tool has been widely praised for all the possibilities that it has opened up in the past several years.

Tasker’s recent ingenious solution involved opening up Samsung’s Bixby button remapping to other virtual assistants. Samsung has long forbidden creative use of the Bixby button, forcing users to stick with Samsung’s virtual assistant irrespective of its utility to them. With the release of the Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung finally reconsidered its decision to allow users to remap the Bixby button with certain conditions. You can remap only one action from the available two actions (single press and double press), with the other being defaulted back to Bixby. Also, as previously mentioned, you could not remap the button to launch other virtual assistants.


One could work around the latter restriction by using Tasker to export a task that launches the voice assistant as an application, and then setting Bixby to launch that exported app. Tasker developer joaomgcd expanded upon that process by introducing a companion Secondary App that allows users to remap the Bixby button to whatever Tasker action they want with ease.

Now, the latest Tasker 5.7.0-beta.6 expands upon the functionality of this Secondary App by allowing users to remap the double press action on the power button.

Tasker has achieved power button remap by declaring the Secondary App as a camera, hence allowing it to be triggered with the double-click action. You can then set further tasks upon trigger, allowing you to easily remap the button to open any other app or do any other action.

The complete changelog for the latest beta is as follows:

  • Make secondary app act as a camera so that it can be triggered with a double-click of the power button.
  • Explain what secondary app when opening it, if not used in Tasker setup yet.
  • Change Tasker Secondary’s icon to gray scale
  • Fixed bug where sometimes the secondary app would open Tasker instead of triggering the profile
  • Added option to hide or show secondary app
  • Fixed bug where sometimes notification texts couldn’t be gotten for intercepted notifications
  • Fixed %SCREEN variable events and states not working
  • Fix quick tiles not updating from tasks if quick tile is showing
  • Save %PACTIVE before running tasks for profile, making it available right away in the triggered profile

Sign up for Tasker Beta to try out these upcoming features. To take advantage of this new secondary app action, your device must have support for the double tap power button to launch the camera action. Not every device has this gesture—the Huawei Mate 20 X, Honor View20, and other EMUI devices certainly do not—so check to make sure your device supports the gesture before you try to remap it.

Developer: joaomgcd
Price: $3.49

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