Tasker update brings support for Material You colors on Android 12

Tasker update brings support for Material You colors on Android 12

Material You’s wallpaper-based theme engine, codenamed “monet,” finally went live in Android 12 Beta 2. Although Google has yet to publish documentation on Material You, we have already seen a bunch of third-party app developers implementing wallpaper-based dynamic theming in their apps. Back in June, Tasker became one of the first apps to add support for Android 12’s dynamic theming. A beta of Tasker with the new Material You theme was released to Google Play last month. And now, Tasker developer João Dias is finally bringing the feature to the stable version of the app.

Tasker 5.13.5 is now live on Google Play, and it brings with it support for Material You colors on devices running Android 12. To try it out, navigate to Preference > UI > Theme and select the “Material You” option from the list. Once enabled, Tasker’s action bar, bottom bar, various menus, toggles, and text will match the colors of your wallpaper.


Check out Tasker’s new theme in action in the video attached below:

Another Material You-related feature in the latest Tasker update is a new action called “Get Material You Color.” The developer says this action allows users to extract all possible Material You colors from the system and use them in various Tasker Scenes. To learn more about this feature, jump straight to 0:48 in the above video.

Besides Android 12-specific features, the latest Tasker update brings a host of new additions, including the ability to position your scenes on the status bar and navigation bar, new Connect to Wi-Fi action, support for exporting descriptions of your projects, and much more.

Tasker 5.13.5 changelog

  • Additions
    • Added Material You support for Android 12+. Enable with Tasker > Preferences > UI > Theme > Material You.
    • Added Get Material You Colors for Android 12+. Demo
    • Allow overlay scenes to be shown on the status bar and navigation bar with a new option in Show Scene action when type is Overlay.
    • Added Connect To Wifi action, which works with a new version of the Tasker Settings app.
    • Added option to use test server for shares to test new taskernet features.
    • Added Apps, Image, Images, Bluetooth Name, and Bluetooth Address options in the Pick Input Dialog action.
    • Made exported descriptions more readable.
    • You can now use content://net.dinglisch.android.taskerm.iconprovider/wallpaper/launcher or content://net.dinglisch.android.taskerm.iconprovider/wallpaper/lockscreen to use your devices wallpapers anywhere where image URIs are supported.
    • Added function to get max audio volumes for each stream type in the Tasker Function action.
    • Added option to ask for advanced options when exporting description (for now, you can select between wrapping description with back ticks or adding 4 spaces before each line)
    • Added option to specify a prompt when using the Ask For Permissions action, which will show up if the permissions are not already granted
    • Added option for taskernet project to not ask for the needed permissions when imported
    • Enabled hardware acceleration
    • Allow any value in the Display Brightness input field
    • Added Turkish translation
    • Output %err variable with a value when the Back action ends in error
    • Added option to sort by named profiles
    • Added option to get current task name in Test Tasker action
    • Show error when project/profile/task from taskernet fails
    • Added option to send crash reports via a Google Drive file instead of via email directly
    • Added line numbers to logcat entries when selecting them with the helper in the Logcat Entry event
    • Added log showing memory consumption every once in a while to catch eventual future memory leaks
    • Added next, pause,stop, play,rewind and forward tags to Media Control action so you can search for those terms and find the action
    • Added Continue On Error option to Goto action
    • Allow using array variables in some fields where only non-array variables were supported
  • Changes
    • Made unnamed profiles show up in italic so they can be easily distinguished from named profiles
    • When importing a project where tasks, profiles, or scenes in that project already exist but the project itself doesn’t, ask for each existing item individually if you want to overwrite
    • Don’t ask if you want to overwrite profiles/tasks/scenes if they were in the same project as the one being imported
    • Don’t output empty fields (or disabled checkboxes) in profile/task descriptions
    • Made Joiner field in Variable Join action multi-line
    • When Google Assistant searches for a Task in Tasker, if there’s only 1 matching Task, it’ll run it right away instead of showing a 1 item list
    • Don’t allow Return action to overwrite %caller() array

Apart from Tasker, other apps that have also implemented support for wallpaper-based theming include Sleep as Android, Swiftwalls, and a bunch of Google apps such as Gboard, Google Chrome, Messages, and more.

Tasker 5.13.5 with the Material You theme is live on the Play Store, and you can download it from the Play Store or the developer’s website.

Developer: joaomgcd
Price: $3.49


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