Tasker v5.0b1 is Out, Brings New Material Design UI

Tasker v5.0b1 is Out, Brings New Material Design UI

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About a week ago we informed you that Tasker is about to get a beta update with a revamped UI. Said beta is finally out, so you can try the new features and check out the revamped UI.

We have talked about the new features on multiple occasions. Undoubtedly, the most important change is the introduction of the new look that tries to conform to the Material Design guidelines. Thanks to XDA Senior Member AlkaDragos, we can show you some screenshots of the latest beta.

The new look includes about 900 new icons and 7 themes. There are two completely new themes among them — the default Tangerine and the greyscale Clouds. Older themes like Dark, Light, and Light with Dark ActionBar are now fresh and modern too. Such diversity gives everyone a chance to pick a new favorite.

Beyond the new colors and icons, Tasker is still Tasker. The new interface is an evolution which adds a few Material Design elements. For instance, the New Task/Profile/Action button is now placed on the bottom-right as a Floating Action Button. This now pushes the icon picker for a task to the middle of the bottom bar.

The Tasker beta is available on the official website for devices running Android Lollipop or newer. Please note that the app might be a bit unstable, given it’s still a new beta release. If you are looking for stability or want to stick to the traditional UI, you should stick to the latest Play Store release.

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