Tasker v5.2 Brings Custom Setting Support, Immersive Mode, Runtime Permissions and More!

Tasker v5.2 Brings Custom Setting Support, Immersive Mode, Runtime Permissions and More!

When one talks about device automation on Android, it is difficult to not mention Tasker in that conversation. Tasker is one of the most well-known automation apps on Android, allowing determined users to achieve almost anything that they have set their minds on. Tasker recently underwent a change in ownership, coming into the hands of the very capable João Dias. Since then, Tasker has had a few Beta releases, but the developer is finally rolling out his first public Tasker release.

A few of the notable changes are highlighted below:

Custom Settings

With Custom Settings, Tasker can now control and toggle a whole bunch of settings with one simple action. The list of settings on your device varies. We’ve posted multiple tutorials ourselves on tweaking hidden settings values (from the Settings.System, Settings.Global, and Settings.Secure tables). So long as you grant Tasker the WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS permission and you know what Setting you’re trying to toggle, you can automate almost any setting on your device! Finding the setting to toggle within Tasker is very easy, as demonstrated in the video above. From there on, you can change that setting using any combination of triggers and scenarios as you can imagine. Check out the full tutorial on how you can utilize this new feature to change any supported setting from anywhere.


Runtime Permissions

Considering the extent of changes Tasker could make to your system, it required a whole host of permissions to run. This new release of Tasker switches over to Runtime Permissions, making it possible to only grant those permissions that are relevant to your particular use case. Tasker, like every other app, will need to target API level 26 by August so this is one step towards meeting that requirement.

Location Mode and Immersive Mode

You can now set which location mode you wish to toggle to and from (Settings.Secure.location_mode, one of HIGH_ACCURACY, BATTERY_SAVING, SENSORS_ONLY, or OFF). You can also toggle immersive mode in this new version (Settings.Global.policy_control, one of immersive.navigation, immersive.status, or immersive.all with the option to set up a list of apps that this is applied to.)

Magisk Root Detection

Root detection with Magisk is also fixed in this version.

The full changelog for the release is as follows:



  • Custom Setting action: change/read any Global, Secure or System setting via a simple UI
  • Location Mode action: set the type of location tracking on your phone (turn GPS on and off, etc)
  • Immersive Mode action: hide status bar, navigation bar or both.
  • manifest permission WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS: enable via adb command – adb shell pm grant net.dinglisch.android.taskerm android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS
  • Authentication Dialog action: ask for authentication (pin, password, pattern, fingerprint or biometric).
  • action Input/Lock Screen (Android P+)
  • action Input/System Screenshot (Android P+)
  • action Sound Mode (for Samsung-like devices which have a separate sound toggle from Do Not Disturb)
  • Actions that are new or have significant changes are now highlighted until you select them or a new version of Tasker comes out
  • icon color is now respected in the various Notify actions
  • Power Mode can now be toggled
  • Stay On action now supports wireless charging
  • Toast reminding to try “New Cell API” if scanning is not working for Cell Near


  • Moved to runtime permissions (Android 6+). Will now ask for needed permissions when your Tasker data is saved (main app tick or backing out of Tasker).
  • Call Plugins via Services if possible. Will make compatible plugins faster and more reliable.
  • Ask for root when trying to add an action that requires root and cancel if it’s not granted.
  • Made Torch action available for all devices running Android Marshmallow or above.
  • Made Take Call action available for all devices running Android Oreo or above.
  • Made Power Mode action work with Secure Settings permission.
  • Changed how Kill App with root works to make it more reliable
  • Notifies user when an action without the needed permissions is ran
  • Made user notifications not show in a group so they don’t bundle with the persistent Tasker notification
  • Removed unnecessary log when plugin adds a replace key for unexisting key
  • Changed help pages to tasker.joaoapps.com
  • Changed warning toast to have black text
  • App now built by João Dias for the first time so I want to check if everything’s working with my build script 🙂


  • Fixed root detection with Magisk
  • Fixed Wifi Tether action
  • Fixed %TETHER variable
  • Now asks for permissions as soon as you start editing a state, event or action that requires special permissions
  • Fixed Tasker notification text not changing when setting the foreground option via Tasker action
  • Fixed crashes associated with missing permissions
  • Fixed Tasker crashing if changing volume with Do Not Disturb enabled and no notification access
  • Fixed crash: menu > more > developer options > save data definitions
  • Fixed launching app as a new copy
  • Fixed kill app with root
  • Fix issue with Google Play licensing

Have you tried out the new Tasker release? Let us know your use cases in the comments below!

Developer: joaomgcd
Price: $3.49

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