Tasker 6.0 beta adds Tasky for easily importing pre-made routines

Tasker 6.0 beta adds Tasky for easily importing pre-made routines

Have you ever tried to get into Tasker, only for it to be too daunting of a hill to climb? There’s certainly a steep learning curve, and its developer João Dias knows it. Now, when you launch the latest Tasker beta for the first time, you’ll be presented with two options. One is Tasky, promising a beginner-friendly experience, and the other is Tasker, the full experience with all of the powerful tools you know and love.

Tasky is primarily a totally new UI that hides a lot of what the full experience has to offer, making it easier for users to do exactly what they want and to navigate the app. It makes it very simple for newcomers to get to grips with it, and there are hundreds of pre-built “routines” that users can choose from straight away. They range from simple “flip to shhh” options, to automatic parking notifications.


Pre-built Tasky routines

The UI for Tasky is admittedly quite rudimentary currently, and the developer notes that anything about it can change based on public opinion. The point is that it’s functional and will work for downloading and setting up routines with ease, and that’s all that really matters currently.

As well, it’s important to know that the developer has already said that Tasker isn’t going anywhere, and Tasky is just an easy way to help users get to grips with automation. Users could even download and configure routines, and then dive into Tasker to understand how they work. This will hopefully make Tasker accessible to everyone and may help with enticing new users to purchase the app, too.

You can test out Tasky right away if you’ve already purchased Tasker. You can either sign up for the beta here, or you can skip waiting for the Google Play Update and get the APK right away here. If you haven’t purchased Tasker, then check it out on the Google Play Store below.

Developer: joaomgcd
Price: $3.49

Source: /r/tasker

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