TCL extends partnership with Pixelworks with the new TCL 10 series

TCL extends partnership with Pixelworks with the new TCL 10 series

At the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year in Las Vegas, TCL teased the TCL 10 series, a trio of mid-range smartphones under TCL’s own branding. Apart from the design and a few basic specifications, we didn’t know all that much about the new smartphone series. Today, however, TCL unveiled the full specifications, pricing, availability, and features of the new smartphones. They also announced an extension to their partnership with Pixelworks, a display and visual processing company, to bring the latter’s tech to TCL’s new 10 series.

As part of today’s announcement, Pixelworks confirmed that the 10 Pro, 10L, and 10 5G feature Pixelworks’ fourth-generation Iris chip, a display processing chip. The TCL 10 series use this Iris chip for HDR Tone Mapping, real-time SDR-to-HDR conversion, and picture clarity enhancements.


Before the 10 series, TCL’s first smartphone to feature Pixelworks’ display technology was the TCL Plex. The inclusion of Pixelworks tech in the 10 series is an extension of the partnership between the two companies. We can thus expect future TCL smartphones to have Pixelworks display technology, too, perhaps even with Pixelworks’ latest Iris 5 chip.

Pixelworks’ latest display chip, the Iris 5, is so far only found in the Black Shark 3 series and OPPO Find X2 series. The image embedded below is from a slide that Pixelworks shared with us. The slide shows the kinds of integrations that Pixelworks offers: Soft Iris (for software-only display enhancements) and the Iris visual processing chip (for hardware-accelerated display enhancements).

Pixelworks Iris 5 vs Soft Iris

Source: Pixelworks

The 10 Pro features a curved AMOLED display likely from China Star Optoelectronics Technology (CSOT), a China-based display producer owned by TCL. On the other hand, the 10L and 10 5G feature LCDs that are likely also manufactured by CSOT. The TCL 10 series thus not only represents the company’s biggest push into promoting its own smartphone brand but also their attempt at competing with other display manufacturers in the premium OLED segment.

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