TCL adds five new phones to its 30 series

TCL adds five new phones to its 30 series

To kick off Mobile World Congress, TCL announced a whole bunch of devices, including five new phones from its 30 series. They include the TCL 30 5G, 30 Plus, 30, 30 SE, and 30 E. The new phones are primarily for the European market.

“The expansion of the TCL 30 Series shows our commitment to democratize technology so more people have access to reliable, high-performing, innovative smartphones,” said Aaron Zhang, CEO at TCL Communication. “The TCL 30 Series portfolio is our way of giving consumers around the world the freedom to showcase their unique style through feature-packed technologies and connected experiences, inspiring them to get the most from life.”


The TCL 30 series

Close up of camera lenses on TCL 30 5G

TCL 30 5G cameras

At the top of the lineup is the TCL 30 5G, a 5G smartphone that costs €249. And at that price, it provides a ton of value, starting off with the 50MP f/1.85 camera. Indeed, the improved camera chops are a big deal, and this sensor can be found in all of the phones announced today except for the TCL 30 E, which is more entry-level.

The 30 5G also packs MediaTek’s Dimensity 700 chip, which is a 5G SoC and the main thing that differentiates it from the rest of the newly announced devices. It also comes with a 6.7-inch FHD+ AMOLED display, but that can also be found in the TCL 30 and 30 Plus.

TCL 30 5G in Dreamy Blue

TCL 30 5G in Dreamy Blue

The TCL 30 5G comes in two colors, Dreamy Blue and Tech Black. Dreamy Blue changes depending on how you look at it, as you can see from some of the images. Don’t sleep on the Tech Black though, which sort of sparkles in the right light.

TCL 30 series 4G devices on wooden table

TCL 30 series 4G devices

They’ve all got big batteries too. The TCL 30 5G, 30, and 30 Plus all come with 5,010mAh batteries, while the SE and E have 5,000mAh batteries. Those three top-end models also come with 18W charging, and yes, TCL is going to continue to include the charger in the box. Not compromising to market trends, it’s also keeping the 3.5mm headphone jack around on all of its devices for the foreseeable future.

The TCL 30 5G and 30 E are coming in April, but the rest are available now. As for pricing, the 30 5G is €249, the 30 Plus is €199, and 30 is €179, and 30 SE is €149, and the 30 E is €139.

But wait, there are tablets too

While the 30 series smartphones are the star of the show, there are also several tablets being announced, such as the NXTPAPER MAX 10, TAB 10 HD 4G, and TAB 10s 5G.

Promo image for a TCL tablet

The NXTPAPER MAX 10 is meant to feel like paper when you touch it. It doesn’t quite use color E Ink like the original NXTPAPER did, as that one required lighting for you to be able to see it. TCL has done some work on the display technology since then. Ultimately, it’s meant to be comfortable for reading, writing, and anything else that you use it for.

The TAB 10 HD 4G and TAB 10s 5G are all about cellular connectivity, so you can use them from wherever you are. The former has a 5,500mAh battery, but the latter actually has a big 8,000mAh battery and an FHD display.

The NXTPAPER MAX 10 will arrive in Asia in mid Q2, starting at €269. The TAB 10 HD 4G is available now in Europe for €179, and there will be an FHD version coming to Asia in late March for €199. Finally, the TAB 10s 5G is coming in mid Q2 for €349.

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