TCL’s 4K Android TVs are up to $300 off across size variants

TCL’s 4K Android TVs are up to $300 off across size variants

TCL is participating in this Black Friday sale season by offering up to $300 off across its 4K Android TVs. The deals extend to the 50″, 55″, and 75″ TVs. Curiously, it’s the 55″ TV that is the cheapest of the lot, while the 75″ understandably brings along the most discount. Essentially, you are getting the 50″ TV for $230 instead of $350, the 55″ TV for $200 instead of $400, and the 75″ TV for $500 instead of $800. Check out all the deals at Best Buy!

    TCL 50 inch 4K LED TV

    The TCL 50inch 4K LED TV is a good option for those looking for a basic TV at this size, since this size is not a very popular option among OEMs. Check it out!
    TCL 55 inch 4K LED TV

    The TCL 55inch 4K LED TV is a good option for those looking for a basic TV, but it competes against the vast sea of options at the 55 inch front. You rightfully get the most discount.
    TCL 75 inch 4K LED TV

    The TCL 75inch 4K LED TV is a good option for those looking for a big TV, with a competitive price tag and features that make it worth consideration.

All three of these smart TVs are part of TCL’s 4-series of Android TVs, featuring 4K UHD resolution panels across different sizes, namely 50″, 55″, and 75″. For reasons we can’t quite comprehend, TCL is offering the middle 55″ for the lowest price, ensuring that this becomes the pick for most users. Unless you have an acute space constraint that restricts you from opting for anything above 50″, you will be getting a lower price and a better deal with the 55″ variant.

Other than the sizing, all three of these TVs have largely similar specifications and features. You get decent clarity and detail, as well as access to the familiar repository of Android TV apps ad support for Google Assistant and Chromecast built-in. The TCL 4K Android TV within the 4 series also offers HDR support for enhanced clarity and detail across compatible content. These also come with a voice remote, 3x HDMI ports (1x ARC), and dual-band Wi-Fi and Ethernet support.

Keep in mind that these TVs are not the best options around if you intend to game heavily with the Xbox Series X or the Sony Playstation 5. For these new consoles, you need a TV with HDMI 2.1 that can deliver 4K 120fps gameplay, which these TVs cannot. However, this support comes at a price premium, so do assess if your budget can accommodate the same. Our top pick for gaming use is the Sony Bravia X900H, which you can snag up for $1000 during this Black Friday sale season.

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