Team Win Recovery Project 2.8 Brings Native MTP Support and More!

Team Win Recovery Project 2.8 Brings Native MTP Support and More!

Team Win Recovery Project, known more simply as TWRP, is one of the most popular custom recoveries available for Android. It has a nice layout, a ton of features in its easy to use UI, and it gives us the ability to dive into custom ROM world. This recovery is available for most popular devices–no matter if they are big or small. XDA Senior Recognized Developer Dees_Troy and XDA Recognized Developer bigbiff who developed most of the features, have updated the recovery and bumped its version to 2.8. It’s a major release so the list of changes is huge.

What’s new in the latest TWRP? The UI layout hasn’t changed, but the recovery gained quite a lot of new features that many of you will surely love. Likely the most important one is a C++ based MTP implementation which allows transferring files both to microSD cards and emulated storage. If you are a pro user, you would also love the ability to execute the ADB commands right within the recovery without touching the screen and using a GUI. The newest version of the TWRP will also natively support QHD screens and smaller ones used in smartwatches.


Here’s a full changelog of the latest release:

  • Add MTP support to recovery thanks mostly to bigbiff with a little help from Dees_Troy

  • Add command line capabilities – you can now execute various TWRP features via adb instead of the touchscreen

  • Add support for color in the console and give error, warning, and highlight lines different colors

  • Track backup and restore progress based on file sizes to provide a much more accurate indication of progress

  • Improve handling of /misc thanks to mdmower

  • Improve setting of time on Qualcomm devices thanks to [NUT]

  • Allow using images on slidervalue GUI objects thanks to Tassadar

  • Allow using variables and addition and subtraction in variables for easier theming

  • Add support for 1440×2560, 280×280, and 320×320 resolutions and update 240×240

  • Allow ui.xml file to include additional xml files to help break up the theme and make TWRP easier to maintain

  • Other minor fixes and improvements

If you want to upgrade your recovery, download the image file from the TeamWin’s website, reboot your device to fastboot mode and flash the image. If you don’t want to mess with the command line, you can use application like TWRP Manager by XDA Recognized Developer jmz. You can also seek for guidance in your device forums.

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