TeamSpeak 3 Watcher For Android

TeamSpeak 3 Watcher For Android

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If you’re a user of TeamSpeak 3 (VoIP), you might want to take a look at XDA forum member Gigant3000‘s Android app.

TS3 Watcher enables your mobile phone to monitor and control your TeamSpeak 3 server and see who is online immediately. Additionally, you can perform actions such as ‘Poke’, ‘Report’, ‘Kick’, and ‘Ban’.

You’ll need a ServerqueryLogin for the TS3 server and the following permissions are needed:

  • b_virtualserver_channel_list
  • b_virtualserver_client_list
  • b_client_create_modify_serverquery_login

Currently in beta, the basic functions are up and running and the dev has requested feedback on any bugs or ideas.

For more information and the QR code, head on over to the application thread.