Automate Identity Management for your Team with Teamstack

Automate Identity Management for your Team with Teamstack

Teamstack offers a complete solution for anyone looking to have more control over their workforce, and the apps they use on a daily basis. With secure and convenient access, you’ll be able to simplify your employee’s access to your work-related apps. Teamstack is a cloud identity management platform that makes growing your team easy.  It is compatible with over 500 apps and trusted by more than 750 teams worldwide.

Connecting people with technology, securely. Take advantage of pre-built integrations, Single Sign-On and one-click user provisioning and allow your team to conveniently sign in to any application passwordless with multi-factor authentication.


You’ll be able to quickly grant access to your workplace apps for new employees. You can also easily manage each employee’s access to your work apps, and have better security through strong password management tools. Multi-Factor Authentication supports many different login and verification methods including WebAuthn, TOTP, SMS codes and more.


Login to Teamstack using the Chrome extension

Manage team passwords and custom expiration dates

One-Click Provisioning takes the pain out of onboarding (and offboarding) users with Teamstack’s one-click provisioning. A single click can add or remove users from all of your applications. This reduces risk and increases efficiency. You can also put into place geo-restrictions, which prevent anyone from accessing your Teamstack from outside of a dedicated area.

Addons are an important part of Teamstack and allow you to structure your system exactly how you want it. Add additional features to your setup, like Extended Audit Trail which keeps detailed logs of user logins and app usage. Another useful addon is Custom MFA which lets you add an additional layer of security over specific apps.

Teamstack is the best solution for connecting your workforce through technology. Download it today and use the code below to get six months free.

Use code “blogdumoderateur” for six months free [Basic plan + all add-ons]

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