.tech domain extensions cut through the noise of internet branding

.tech domain extensions cut through the noise of internet branding

Remember those early salad days of the internet, when its sheer size made it seem like anything was possible? Fast forward to 2020, and that vastness can make your company seem like a needle in a frighteningly large haystack.

Increasingly, tech-based startups are taking a lateral approach to solving this problem. When faced with the prospect of becoming “just another .com,” many are deciding not to become a .com at all – not when domain names on .tech – a leading domain extension for techies are so readily available.

For tech entrepreneurs, the immediate benefits are obvious. A .tech domain extension immediately signals to virtual visitors that a business is centered in a constantly growing tech sector. For customers, that means they’ve come to the cutting-edge. For investors, it means that they’re looking at a business that is focused on innovation.


What’s less apparent – but possibly even more important – is the reset it gives to tech-based companies in a competitive marketplace. For the moment at least, .tech domain extension is new, and that means original domain names are available and plentiful.

That really changes the game for new companies. Startups no longer have to settle for bulky, plan-C domain names that read more like an overly secure internet password than a clean, well-designed web portal. They can focus on short, punchy names that leave a memorable imprint on the visitor, aided by an extension that narrows down the focus without using a single extraneous word.

Curious what options are out there? You can start browsing your domains on .tech here