Telegram 4.3 Brings Better Replies, Stickers, and Invitations

Telegram 4.3 Brings Better Replies, Stickers, and Invitations

Telegram is widely touted as the best messaging app around with its end-to-end encryption and a vast array of features. Its simple user interface and great, standalone desktop client are what pushes it (in the minds of its users) over competition such as WhatsApp. Now with Telegram 4.3, some of its best features are improved even further.

Better Replies in Telegram 4.3

Some of you may be able to relate to being in a group of a few hundred people or even a few thousand. The maximum group limit is a crazy 10,000 members. If someone wants your attention, the chat might be moving too fast and you won’t even notice that someone was looking for you. In the new version, however, you will have an icon in the chat that you were mentioned in to signify that.

There is an “@” beside the Telegram News group, showing the user was mentioned!

Better Stickers in Telegram 4.3

Telegram lets users upload their own stickers for use in any of your own conversations, meaning many users may have lots of sticker packs installed on their device. In the latest update, users with 5 sticker packs or more are now allowed to favorite individual stickers!

There is a star option to view favourite stickers!

What’s even better, now groups with over 100 members can set a sticker pack that everyone in the group will then receive and be able to use when chatting!

Group stickers!

Better Invitations in Telegram 4.3

Now in version 4.3, friends who are not yet on the platform will be prioritized in the invitation list if a lot of their friends use Telegram too! This means that you aren’t the only one benefiting by inviting the top-most person as lots of their other friends are too! You will see exactly how many of their contacts are also on the messaging platform.

Friend invite priority!

Other Improvements in Telegram 4.3

There are loads of other small improvements! One of my favorites is the new picture-in-picture support for Twitch, allowing you to stream videos from while talking to your friends. The list of other new features and changes is below!

  • Twitch videos are now supported in the Telegram in-app player, so you can watch Twitch streams in Picture-in-Picture mode while chatting with your friends.
  • When on a Telegram voice call, you can now check the signal strength thanks to the new indicator.
  • On iOS, you can edit any photo you pasted directly to a chat from clipboard before sending.
  • On Android, when forwarding a message, you can long tap to select multiple recipients.
  • On Android, when viewing photos in Shared Media, you can go to the place in chat where the photo was posted.
  • On Android, if you have many new messages in many active chats, synchronization will happen much, much faster.

As you can see, the 4.3 update is a huge change for the better. Go check it out!

Developer: Telegram FZ-LLC
Price: Free
Source: Telegram Blog

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