Telegram 5.0 brings Instant View 2.0, design changes, and swipe navigation for images

Telegram 5.0 brings Instant View 2.0, design changes, and swipe navigation for images

If there’s one thing that the popular messaging app Telegram isn’t missing, it’s new features. The developers are constantly rolling out something new for their user base and that isn’t an exception for this week either. Some other social messaging applications may only roll out 1 to 3 new features a year. On average, we see Telegram has something new to play with every other month. This time the application got a big update to version 5.0 and with it comes custom languages, an update to version 2.0 for its instant view feature, and more.

As the new version number bump implies, there are a lot of new changes included in this update. Instant View 2.0 is one of the main headlining features. This is a feature within Telegram that lets the user view web pages in a consistent way and “with zero loading time.” The update to version 2.o i expanding the feature with added support for right-to-left languages, blocks of related articles, image links, tables, nested lists, horizontal scrolling, collapsible text blocks, and much more.


Another headlining feature is what the team is calling “Custom Languages,” which adds a way to bring equal treatment to the smaller linguistic communities around the world. Now, Telegram users will be able to use the translation platform and literally create their own custom language pack for the application. The team believes this feature will help minority languages (or local dialect) and gives examples including Māori, Scottish Gaelic, and Transliterated Klingon.

Android users get a big treat with this update as it also comes with a major overhaul in the design department. For example, the team has made it much easier to access shared media directly from profiles of users, groups, and channels. Previews of the media are high-quality, loading time has been increased, and there is more information in the links and files sections. There’s a lot going on in this update for both Android and iOS users so you may want to check it out if you’ve been thinking about using it in the past.

Telegram 5.0 Changelog

  • Support for custom languages. Crowdsource a cloud-based language pack for Telegram in any language using our Translations platform – then apply it in real time.
  • Instant View 2.0. View web pages instantly with improved support for more types of content.
  • New streamlined design for profiles, notifications and sounds, and general settings. Profile pages offer quick access to shared media.
  • Improved shared content sections.
  • Improved photo selector for profile pictures.
  • Swipe navigation when viewing image documents.
  • Videos can be zoomed during playback.
  • Album covers in playlists and “Shared Music”.
  • Pinned messages in small groups and Saved Messages.
  • Dozens of minor fixes and improvements.

Developer: Telegram FZ-LLC
Price: Free

Source: Telegram

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