Telegram 7.4 makes it easy to migrate your WhatsApp chat history

Telegram 7.4 makes it easy to migrate your WhatsApp chat history

Telegram and Signal are reaping the benefits of the recent backlash against WhatsApp. The apps have gained several hundred thousand users over the last couple of weeks, and their growth doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon. In a bid to attract even more WhatsApp users, these apps have been working on bringing new features to get at par with the Facebook-owned messenger. For instance, Signal recently added custom wallpaper and animated sticker support to the app to offer new users a more familiar experience. Now, Telegram is adding a new tool in version 7.4 that will help users easily migrate their WhatsApp chat history over to the app.


According to a recent report from Macerkopf, Telegram v7.4 is now rolling out to iOS users via the Apple App Store. The update brings a new import feature that will help users migrate their chat history from other apps, including WhatsApp, Line, and KakaoTalk, to Telegram. However, the migration tool isn’t available for all iPhone users just yet. As 9to5Mac points out, Telegram seems to have removed mentions of the migration tool in a subsequent update, suggesting that it’s still a work in progress. Irrespective of that, the publication managed to give it a go, and here’s how it works:

To migrate your chat history from WhatsApp to Telegram, you’ll first have to open up the former and navigate to a chat that you wish to migrate. Then, you’ll have to open up the “More” menu in the chat and select the “Export Chat” option. WhatsApp will then create a backup of the entire conversation in the form of a ZIP file.

Telegram import tool

Telegram import tool (Image: 9to5Mac)

You’ll then be able to import this ZIP file in Telegram through the iOS share sheet. When you do that, Telegram will ask you which contact or group you want to associate that chat with, and then the messages will be synced for both you and your contact. All imported messages will be labeled to indicate that they’ve been imported from a different service.

Although Telegram hasn’t officially announced the new migration tool, some users have access to it on the latest version of the app. In case you wish to give it a shot, you can download the latest update from the App Store. We expect the messenger to release the tool more widely in the coming days. As of now, Telegram hasn’t talked about a similar option for users on Android.

Update: Telegram announces v7.4 update

Telegram has officially announced the v7.4 update. This update officially brings along the IM Migration tool, ability to delete groups and call history for both sides, volume adjustments for individual participants in a voice chat, improved audio player, new animations on Android, improved accessibility, and more. You can read the official update notes in the announcement.

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