Telegram 8.0 uncaps live streams and adds loads of other useful features

Telegram 8.0 uncaps live streams and adds loads of other useful features

Telegram is back again with a new update that adds tons of useful features to its instant messaging app. While the last update focused on improving the video calling experience, the latest update brings unlimited live streams, the ability to remove captions and hide the sender’s name when forwarding messages, an improved sticker panel, and much more.

With the latest update, Telegram is removing the user cap on group video calls. Now group video calls can have a virtually unlimited audience. Telegram was clearly not joking when it said last month that it was going to keep increasing the audience limit “until all humans on Earth can join one group call.” Similar to voice chats, viewers can also raise their hand in a live stream and alert the admins that they want to join the broadcast.


Another notable change coming with Telegram 8.0 is that users can now control how the forwarded message will look like. Users can preview the forwarded message by tapping on the “Forward message” label above the message bar. This will open up a preview window showcasing how the message will look, along with some customization options that will let you hide the sender’s name or captions on media messages.

The new update is also making it easier to scroll through channels. When you reach the end of a channel, swipe up from the bottom to open up the next unread channel.

Next up, trending stickers are now easier to find and appear above “Recently Used” stickers. Telegram already shows “typing…” and “recording a voice message” when your chat partner is composing a text or voice message. Now, the app will also show a “choosing a sticker” status at the top of the chat when the other party is searching for a sticker in the sticker section.

Finally, Telegram 8.0 adds more animated emojis and a counter for unread comments for threaded replies.

Unread counter for threaded replies in Telegram

Telegram 8.0 is rolling out to all major platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux.

Developer: Telegram FZ-LLC
Price: Free

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