Telegram 8.2 arrives with media improvements, iOS updates, and much more

Telegram 8.2 arrives with media improvements, iOS updates, and much more

Telegram is one of the best messaging services around, and it adds new features and options at an incredible rate. The service added new chat themes and video/audio livestream recordings last month, and now another update is rolling out with even more features. Telegram is now rolling out another update, version 8.2, that primarily focuses on media management and the iOS application.

“Every Telegram user has unlimited cloud storage,” the company said in a blog post, “and each chat has a Shared Media page that shows all the photos, videos, files and music that have been sent there. We’ve added a new date bar on the side of the page, which you can drag up and down to scroll through shared media faster.” The new page can also be zoomed in and out for easier scrolling, similar to the iOS Photos app and Google Photos. Telegram is also adding a new Calender View for media, which displays your photos and videos on top of a calendar.


Telegram has also improved groups and channels with a new “request admin approval” setting, which gives admins more control over who is able to join and see chats. Invite links can have specific names as well, so it’s easier to tell where someone arrived from.

Finally, the Telegram iOS app is receiving a few improvements of its own. Transit times now appear when someone shares their location, media captions are easier to manage, and the settings has been updated to better match the look and feel of iOS 15. Telegram said, “the Devices Devices section now gives you a clearer overview of your active sessions with new icons – tap any device to see more details or log out from it remotely.”

The new update is rolling out now on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

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