Latest Telegram beta brings video and screen sharing support in groups

Latest Telegram beta brings video and screen sharing support in groups

Telegram is rolling out an update on the beta channel that brings a couple of improvements to group voice chats. It adds two new features that will let you share videos and your device’s screen with others during group calls.

According to Android Police, Telegram v7.8 beta now lets you easily broadcast a video or share your phone’s screen during a group voice call. To try this feature in the beta release, you’ll need to rename the chat and add “#vid” to the name. Then, you can tap on the three-dot menu button in the group, and you’ll see the new options to start recording or screen sharing. While you can use these features in any group, group members who aren’t on the beta release will not be able to see the video broadcast or your screen. They will only receive audio.


(Images: Android Police)

Along with these new features, Telegram v7.8 beta brings some minor improvements to chat backgrounds. The backgrounds are now animated, and they shift colors as you type a message. Check the GIF attached below to see the new animated gradient backgrounds in action.

(GIF: Android Police)

To set up a similar gradient background, you’ll need to head over to the background menu in the appearance settings. You can then select one of the colorful backgrounds and tap on the color buttons to add extra shades for the gradient effect. For the feature to work as intended, you’ll need to pick at least three colors.

At the moment, all of the features mentioned above are available on the beta channel. Telegram has shared no information regarding the stable rollout yet, but we expect the features to reach more users in the coming weeks. We’ll let you know as soon as Telegram v7.8 starts rolling out on the stable channel.

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