Telegram will soon let you schedule voice chats in channels

Telegram will soon let you schedule voice chats in channels

In March this year, Telegram rolled out a significant update that added Voice Chat support in Channels. The feature also got a couple of additional upgrades that improved the Voice Chat experience. Telegram is now rolling out another update on the beta channel that enhances the feature even further.

As per a recent TestingCatalog report, Telegram v7.7.0 has started rolling out on the beta channel, and it brings a new scheduling feature for Voice Chats. Thanks to this new feature, Channel admins will be able to schedule a voice chat for later.

Schedule voice chats in Telegram channels

To schedule a voice chat, admins will have to tap on the channel icon and three-dot settings menu, select the “Start Voice Chat” option, and then tap on the new “Schedule Voice Chat” option. They will then be able to pick a time and date and tap on the button at the bottom to schedule the voice chat.


As you can see in the screenshot attached below, a notification for the scheduled voice chat will appear at the top of the channel with a countdown visible to all members. The new scheduling feature is a handy addition that makes Telegram’s Voice Chats a more viable alternative to Clubhouse.

Scheduled voice chats are pinned to the channel with a countdown

Along with scheduling support, Telegram will also let you change your name and profile description from the voice chat window without closing the ongoing chat. The app now also has a link to Telegram Features in the menu that redirects you to the Telegram tips channel. This will help new users get a hang of the messaging app.

New link to Telegram Tips channel in the app menu

Currently, the features mentioned above are only available on Telegram v7.7.0 on the beta channel. If you wish to try them out, you can download the latest Telegram beta release by following this link. Otherwise, you can wait for a couple of weeks for the features to roll out on the stable channel. We’ll update this post as soon as the Telegram v7.7.0 is available on the stable channel.

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