Telegram tests floating chat head bubbles for messages

Telegram tests floating chat head bubbles for messages

Telegram for Android appears to be testing chat head bubbles for messages. The feature, which is buried in beta version 6.3.0 of the app, allows users to keep conversations at the forefront of their device in the form of a bubble. This adds convenience if you frequently talk to a certain friend or family member.

The feature was first brought to our attention by Twitter user Nadan Parinda, who uncovered the option in a hidden debug menu found in Telegram’s settings. However, this feature appears to have been spotted even earlier by the folks at TestingCatalog.

If you’re using Telegram version 6.3.0 beta, enabling chat head bubbles is easy. Simply open Telegram’s Settings, scroll down, long-press on the app version until you see the ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ emoji, then long-press on the app version again to show the debug menu. In the debug menu, tap “enable chat bubbles” to show bubbles for incoming messages.


Screenshots courtesy of Nadan Parinda

If you’re running Android 10, you also have to enable “Bubbles” in the Developer Options for it to work. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear Telegram’s bubbles work on every device running Android 10. We tested the feature on an ASUS ROG Phone 3 and the bubble UI was broken. On the Pixel 4, the bubble crashed when we tried to interact with it. We did get it to mostly work on an OPPO Find X2 Pro (as shown earlier), while our tipster claimed it ran without issue on a Redmi Note 5 Pro running the Pixel Experience custom ROM.

Meanwhile, on Android 11, Telegram’s chat head bubbles don’t work at all, because the notifications aren’t recognized as a “conversation” notification. This could change, however, in future app updates. After all, chat head bubbles are a main feature of Android 11.

Telegram appears to be working out the kinks right now, hence why it’s a beta feature. But as Android 11 is released, chat bubbles will likely become a standard Telegram feature for quicker, more convenient communication.

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