Telegram v4.2 Update Adds Snapchat-like Disappearing Media, Bio Cards and More

Telegram v4.2 Update Adds Snapchat-like Disappearing Media, Bio Cards and More

Social media fads come and go, but not before every other app starts copying incorporating the same functionality. The lines between the major social media and communications platforms have been blurred, with no particular service restricting itself to one clear goal. Facebook shares news, Instagram serves Tumblr screenshots and makeup videos, and even WhatsApp now has stories.

Of course, competitors in the space need to keep up with each new paradigm. Despite the several advantages Telegram holds over other similar products, the Instant Messaging app has now added a few features that can be found on other apps as well.

Among the headliners in the Telegram v4.2 update is the ability to send media that auto-deletes itself after a user-defined period. This self-destruct timer is restricted to photos and videos that are shared in private chats, and the timer is initiated right when your recipient opens the media. Once the set time runs out, the media disappears just like it does in Secret Chats. Also, if the recipient tries to take a screenshot of these disappearing media, the sender gets a notification informing them of the same. This entire functionality set bears resemblance to Snapchat’s main USP of adding a temporary factor to otherwise permanent electronic data.

The new 4.2 update also brings in functionality to add a bio to your own profile. This bio will be visible to all users, including members in large supergroups, so you may want to be careful of what you wish to reveal.

Other features in this update include a redesign of photo editing tools, making it easier and quicker to edit your photos before sharing. The sticker pane can now be expanded to make it easier to scroll through. Telegram will now also rely on a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to cache publicly available media that gets posted in massive channels with 100,000+ members, which will result in significantly higher download speeds for these users.

Disappearing-media functionality does have its own set of use cases, and so do bio cards. But even with these functionality added to dull the edge of its competitors, the biggest challenge Telegram faces is convincing users to jump ship.

What are your thoughts on the new Telegram update? Which other functionality would you like to see added into Telegram? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Telegram Blog

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