Telegram introduces video stickers, improved reactions, and more

Telegram introduces video stickers, improved reactions, and more

When it comes to messaging apps, Telegram is one of the most actively-developed platforms. The company frequently issues new updates, bringing innovative features, implementing fresh APIs, and much more. The latest version of the app (8.5) is now available for iOS and Android users. This Telegram update introduces video stickers, improves message reactions, fixes bugs, and more.

Telegram made the announcement in a blog post, highlighting the following features:

Video stickers

Telegram 8.5 video stickers

For the longest time, creating animated stickers for Telegram required experience and professional software, such as Adobe Illustrator. Version 8.5 of the app now allows users to easily import videos as stickers from other apps. The company includes a manual for those who aren’t familiar with the process.


Improved message reactions

Telegram 8.5 reactions

Telegram introduced iMessage-like reactions in a previous update. In version 8.5, the company has made their animations more compact. Users who want to react with the larger effect of the previous version can do so by pressing and holding on a reaction in the menu. In addition to that, reaction animations are now synchronized on both ends of a chat — the recipients will see the same animations at the same time. Lastly, a badge appears in and outside a chat when someone reacts to one of your messages.

New interactive emoji

Not only does version 8.5 improve reactions, but it also adds five new ones (🥰🤯🤔🤬👏). These new emoji are also interactive when sent individually to a private chat. If you’re unfamiliar with interactive emoji, this feature sends them as larger, animated versions that emphasize their respective vibes.

Other tweaks and bug fixes

Telegram 8.5 back button

  • When navigating through chats, you can now hold on the back button to quickly jump to a previous chat.
  • Call quality has been improved.
  • Bios on iOS and Instant View pages now support the newly-introduced translation feature.
  • You can now send silent messages directly through the share menu.
  • The bottom bar on iOS now animates when jumping from one tab to another.

This update is now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for iOS and Android users respectively.

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