Tell Us How Android Influenced Your Life and Win a Flagship Device Courtesy of Poweramp

Tell Us How Android Influenced Your Life and Win a Flagship Device Courtesy of Poweramp

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You may recall that we’ve hosted several giveaways in the past that have been sponsored by the kind folks over at Poweramp. Today in honor of Poweramp’s 555 build, we (in conjunction with four other Android-centric sites) will be hosting Poweramp’s 555 Giveaway, where you can win a Galaxy S5, LG G2, HTC One (M8), Google Nexus 5, or Galaxy Note 3.

The premise is simple: Each site hosts a contest and selects one winner. The folks at Poweramp, in association with Negri electronics, will then provide one of the five phones (at random) to each of the five winners. So there are five websites and five phones to win—but where does the other five come from? The contest will run for five days, from now until Friday.

So how do you win your slot in the giveaway here at XDA? We want you to tell us about how Android has influenced your life. We want you to be as creative and funny as possible. It’s OK if you decide to bend the truth just a tiny bit, but keep it plausible. Entries will be accepted in the comment box at the bottom of this article, and the winner will based on which main comment (no replies!) has the most number of upvotes at the time of the contest end, exactly five days from now.

Now for just a few technicalities. As mentioned above, only main comments will be counted–no replies. Furthermore, we will only accept one comment/entry per person. A second entry from any particular particular entrant will result in immediate disqualification. And what about shipping? This contest ships to every country that Negri ships to, so almost anywhere in the world.

So what are you waiting for? Make us laugh by telling us how Android has influenced your life! The winner of the XDA contest will be announced Friday evening, and a list of who won which device across each of the five sites will be announced next Monday—coinciding with the release of Poweramp build 555.