Tencent will optimize its Android games like PUBG Mobile for the Razer Phone and Razer Cortex

Tencent will optimize its Android games like PUBG Mobile for the Razer Phone and Razer Cortex

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Chinese conglomerate Tencent and American hardware OEM Razer have announced a collaboration wherein the two companies will work together to enhance the gaming experience for their mutual customers. Tencent is known for some key mobile gaming titles such as PUBG Mobile and Arena of Valor/Honour of Kings, while Razer is known for its gaming-oriented hardware as well as its gaming smartphones, the Razer Phone and Razer Phone 2.

The collaboration between Tencent and Razer will focus on three areas: hardware, software and service. Tencent will “work closely” with Razer to optimize Tencent mobile games like PUBG Mobile for Razer’s current and future hardware. This includes the Razer Phone lineup as well as mobile accessories such as the mobile game controller designed by Razer. Tencent and Razer will also optimize Tencent’s games for Razer’s mobile game platforms and the Razer Cortex mobile game launcher (which in turn focuses on optimizing mobile game performance). The companies will also explore the use of Razer tech like Chroma RGB lighting within Tencent’s games. For services, the companies will “explore additional monetization opportunities for mobile gaming including integrating Razer services”; it is not immediately clear what this definitively means.

In short, you should expect some popular titles run even better than they already do on Razer Phones, smartphones that already featured impressive performance thanks to their focus on gaming. Since the press release does not speak of exclusivity in any form, we hope both the companies expand to more companies on their respective ends to provide a win-win situation for all gaming enthusiasts.

Source: Businesswire