The All New Moto G Is as Impressive as Ever

The All New Moto G Is as Impressive as Ever

The first of today’s Motorola events is over, this one held in New Delhi in India and dealing simply with the announcement of the new Moto G. We’re expecting more releases later today from events across the world, but at the moment Indian fans should be pleased to hear the specs and pricing of the Lenovo-owned manufacturer’s new budget handset.


The 2015 Moto G comes in two versions, one basic model with 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM for ₹11,999 ($187), and one better equipped with 2GB/16GB for ₹12,999 ($203), both retaining the aggressive pricing that made this range so popular. The stand out feature this time around is the IPX7 waterproofing certification, claimed to allow it to survive submersion in up to 3 feet of (fresh, not salt) water for half an hour. This could be a real selling point with India’s sometimes unpredictable climate, especially considering the small number of alternatives that include this addition.


The cameras are also upgraded to more respectable 13MP and 5MP units, the rear facer being the same f/2.0 sensor found on the Nexus 6, accompanied by a dual-tone flash and ‘multi-layer infra-red filter’ for improved white balance. Motorola have understandably chosen the Snapdragon 410 to power the same 720p 5″ display as last year, along with a 2,470mAh non-removable battery, which is a 400mAh improvement. All the expected additions are still present, most notably an SD card slot, LTE support and the normal WiFi and Bluetooth specifications.




The device is running Lollipop 5.1.1 with Motorola’s typical feather touch when it comes to modifications, including only a few software tricks differentiating it from vanilla Android. Moto Display (formally Aactive Display) has migrated over, giving the user quick access to notifications before the lockscreen, and Quick Capture also makes the cut. An additional camera gesture is available now too though; ‘Chop Twice’, which allows the user to shake the device twice to toggle the flash on and off. These sound like the kind of tricks that most people could make use of, and considering the lack of any serious UI fiddling, Motorola should be in good stead to provide timely OS updates.


Physically the handset is similar to last year’s model, with some small modifications. To all intents and purposes the front remains unchanged, no doubt pleasing some users fearing a larger screen, featuring the familiar grilles at the top and bottom. It’s not clear to us quite yet whether these are stereo speakers as it hasn’t been officially announced, but considering that the 2014 model did have this functionality we’d highly doubt it would be removed. The rear of the unit matches the leaks that we’ve seen over the last few months, with a Moto X style sloped topside where the headphone jack lives, and a central stripe connecting the Motorola logo and camera housing. It’s not a bad design at all especially when you remember that this is a cheaper device, combining a recognisable but fresh design language. Moto Maker is not available yet (in India at least), but replaceable Moto Shells (back covers) are offered, which will help to fill the needs of those wanting to make the phone more personal.




Motorola are offering some bonus deals to try to tempt consumers into purchasing the already reasonable device before the 2nd of August, like gift vouchers, cashback and some deep discounts on the Moto 360. The handset itself will go on sale on Flipkart at midnight tonight, but it should be noted that all Indian-bought models are being bundled with Airtel 4G SIMs.

That’s it for the Moto G, but stay tuned for more news from Motorola’s press events over the course of the day.

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