The AUKEY Omnia 100W is the Ideal Charger for all of your Charging Needs

The AUKEY Omnia 100W is the Ideal Charger for all of your Charging Needs

Looking for a high-quality charger to replace your army of cables that you have lying around? The AUKEY Omnia 100W is designed to be your replacement for all of your charging cables. With a 100W power delivery, this charger has the ability to charge any laptop or phone at its max speed. It’s the charger that will be able to replace all of your other chargers.

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The AUKEY Omnia 100W focuses on size and power. It’s only 32mm thick, which makes it 50% smaller than the 16″ MacBook Pro charger, while still being able to charge it at full speed. It’s a great solution for laptops that can take a charge via USB C. While it’s powerful enough to charge any laptop, you can also use it for your android phone, iPhone, iPad, Nintendo Switch, and just about any USB C powered device. This charger premiered at CES 2020 and was launched with a line of different products from AUKEY. This particular charger has more of a focus on laptops and devices with larger batteries.


Fast charging speeds allow you to charge your MacBook Pro in just 1.8 hours. The advanced GaN power chip dramatically improves charging efficiency to over 90% while keeping the internal components cool. With the 100W PD, combined with the cooling technology, the AUKEY Omnia charger is the last charger you’ll ever need.

  • 100w power delivery
  • Charges all of your devices
  • Travel-ready
  • USB C
  • Safe and reliable
  • Laptop focused
  • Dimensions: 57 x 57 x 32mm / 2.24” x 2.24” x 1.26”

Get the AUKEY Omnia 100W charger for a safer and more convenient charging solution. It’s available on Amazon for $36.79 [use code XDA1PAD5].

Get the AUKEY Omnia 100W on Amazon
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