Today Weather, with its Dark Theme, is Perfect for AMOLED

Today Weather, with its Dark Theme, is Perfect for AMOLED

We love seeing apps come from the apps and games XDA community. This app is called Today Weather and it’s one of the best free weather app you’ll find on the Play store plus it looks fantastic on AMOLED displays thanks to its blacked-out look. Check out this video and download it for yourself for free.

Track multiple cities at once, each one with a unique photograph.

Beautiful high quality images makes this app unique from your average forecast apps.

Never miss the sunset or sunrise. Today Weather will always tell you exactly when the sun comes up and goes down.

Your weekly forecast is shown with awesome animated icons.

Get more information on one screen with a compact and easy to read sign.

Detailed notifications give you way more information so you don’t have to launch the full app.

Today Weather is giving away 50 ad-free vouchers to the first 50 people that comment on YouTube. Good Luck!

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