The Best Of Your Mobile Photos!

The Best Of Your Mobile Photos!

Featured image by: Rehan Hooda

The other day we asked you to share the best photo you had taken with your phone hundreds of you entered and we loved them! Here are the best from XDA and Twitter.

OnePlus One,
LG G4,
Nexus 6,
Nexus 6P,

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num3raty shared these great nature shots he managed to capture on his Note 4 using a homemade macro lens! “I love this phone because of the camera” You can find more of his shots over at Instagram @juremusaoriginal (4)
DallasCZ used a macro lens as well on his ZTE V5 (Sony imx 214 camera sensor) to capture this stunning close up of their eye. Clip on or magnetic Lenses like this can generally found for just a few dollars on Amazon and can be very effective up close, often coming with wide angle, fish eye and polarizing filters. Have you used a macro lens on your phone? Share you pics below!
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Saini_09 captured this impressive shot on his OnePlus One in Bhutan!original (5)

Also on a OnePlus One was RAJEEV PAPPACHAN, who snapped these:

original (9)
original (8) 

Proving ever popular, pelican_stardust, Techie AndroidÁurum and bhatiagkb  also used a OnePlus One to snap some amazing photos. 

original (10)
Screenshot 2016-01-10 at 00.42.16
get (1)

Not to be outdone, hamaniiebisa, and Adam Myczkowski used their LG G4s to snap these great shots

original (12)
original (13)

Proving the Nexus 6 isn’t a device to be missed EX0RC1ST, Naseerkhan and magnamentis shot these

original (15) 

original (17)
Screenshot 2016-01-10 at 01.05.56

jeffreycastRGoody and Zlatty took these on the Huawei Nexus 6P

original (18)

Screenshot 2016-01-10 at 01.24.35
Screenshot 2016-01-10 at 01.28.49 

Many users submitted their entries to Twitter with #XDASnaps here are the best!

Think you can do better? Leave you photo below or tweet it with #XDAsnaps

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