Get the yeedi Robot Vacuum Discount Now

Get the yeedi Robot Vacuum Discount Now

Here is a new robot vacuum with the latest sensors and intelligent features. Take advantage of the huge Amazon sale today as the perfect opportunity. The yeedi vac can be managed through the powerful companion app to set no-go zones, map out your home, schedule cleanings, and more.

Get the Latest Robot Vacuum Technology

Nothing beats coming home to clean carpets and fresh vacuum lines. The yeedi vacuum and mop robot is designed specifically for effective automated carpet cleaning. Using a carpet detection sensor, the robot can know the amount of suction needed for different carpet surfaces. When the robotic cleaner senses thicker carpets, it will boost the suction power to make sure you get the deepest clean possible. The total suction power that this vacuum can achieve is 3,000Pa, which is industry-leading.


Even though this robot vac comes with such a low price tag, you’ll still have the latest SLAM technology included. It uses a combination of sensors to map out your home like a GPS. Your robot will remember all of your rooms and surfaces. Once the robot has created a detailed map of your home, you can make adjustments to room boundaries and no-go zones.

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Amazon Deal of the Day

The yeedi vac will be featured as an Amazon Deal of the Day, where you can save $92 on the base setup. This discount presents a fantastic opportunity to get started with an automated vacuum system, and even add on additional features like the mop or docking station.

List Price: $299.99Deal price: $207.99Deal date: 02/07/2022

Use code YEEDIVAC12 on Amazon for an extra $20

When you get the yeedi vac, it will come with a 1-year worry-free warranty. If any quality issues occur within the warranty period yeedi will replace it for free.

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