The Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus Design

The Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus Design

How has the design changed since the Note 4

Today marked the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and the S6 Edge Plus, their design was flaunted a lot on stage at Samsung’s unpacked event, but what has changed from the note 4 and S6 Edge till now? The edges are more rounded than on the Note 4 but apart from this they look like very similar devices.

“People want a big brilliant display, but don’t want a bulky phone”

JustinDenisen, VP Samsung Electronics
It was this quote that caused Samsung to strive for a bigger display in a slimmer and smaller package. After all your phone is the primary screen in your life being the first thing many of us see in the morning and being the final thing we see before sleeping at night. It flaunts the same design concept as previous models ensuring that it has the same sleek feel to it. 

They continued by explaining how the screen size which was once considered a gimmick has since become the norm for many devices. They have since made the body from stronger, thinner and lighter metal, the glass back is now curved and this allows for far easier use of the device with just one hand.


S6 edge plus and note 5note 5

As you can see from the table below, the new note barely changes in height and in regards to the width of the device they have shaved off just 1mm from each of the sides. Although this change is likely imperceptible without a very close inspection. The S6 Edge+ is fractionally taller, slimmer and thinner than either of the previous 2 note devices.

Note 4Note 5S6 Edge +
Screen Size5.7″5.7″5.7″


One of the vital facts to understand about these figures is about the screen size, whilst it may look from the numbers that the S6 Edge + has a similar profile for the screen, they cannot take into account that this is curved around the sides of the phone meaning from a head on view you do lose some precious space.


One of the key design changes to the new Note is the automatic ejecting of the S-pen instead of the previous method of sliding it out with your nail. This in turn has allowed for a complete redesign of the pen, as can be seen below it now looks slightly more pen-like than stylus.


Screenshot 2015-08-13 at 18.27.27S6 Edge plus


Of course we could not discuss the new devices without bringing up the new Keyboard Cover, the sure-fire way to make your phone look like an oversized blackberry. Just clip it on and as we heard during unpacked “you’ll be the envy of your boss”. Of course popular consensus on this is mixed with many people saying it looks very unpleasant. This is something we will leave for the comments section to decide.

Keyboard cover

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