The HomePod Mini now comes in five different colors

The HomePod Mini now comes in five different colors

During the Apple Unleashed event today, the company announced that the HomePod Mini speaker now comes in a total of five colors, giving users the ability to customize their spaces better.

The HomePod Mini initially launched in just black and white, but now you can get it in orange, yellow, and blue, making them a bit more lively. The color is reflected in different parts of the design, too. The fabric cover is covered is woven with the new colors, and that color is also used for accents on the HomePod Mini’s buttons.

Aside from the color, not much is new with the HomePod Mini. You can expect all the same features and audio quality of the existing models. The HomePod Mini is powered by Apple’s digital assistant, Siri, so you can make any request you’d make with Siri on your iPhone, like setting reminders, broadcasting messages to other HomePods, controlling smart home devices, and playing music.


Apple HomePod Mini in blue with an iPhone next to it

On that note, HomePod Minis can be set up to work together as a stereo setup in the same room, or play different music in different rooms throughout the house. You can also easily cast music to the HomePod mini by touching your iPhone against it to transfer whatever you’re playing at that time. You can also do the same gesture to transfer music playback back to the phone.

Still on the topic of music, Apple also announced a new Voice Plan for Apple Music today. This plan grants you access to the entire library of songs and stations on Apple Music, but it’s only accessible using your voice and Siri. If you use your HomePod Mini to listen to music, this new pan may be an enticing way to save some money, since it only costs $4.99 per month.

The new colors will be available in November and keep the $99 price tag.

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