The Honor 9 Lite Camera Raises the Bar for Entry Level Smartphones

The Honor 9 Lite Camera Raises the Bar for Entry Level Smartphones

The Honor 9 Lite has the unique feature of being a budget phone with four cameras. There are two on the back and two on the front. Both dual configurations feature 13MP + 2MP sensors. Since this is such a unique setup to find in a budget phone, we took it to the aquarium to test out the camera.

Honor 9 LiteSpecs
ChipsetHiSilicon Kirin 659
Display18:9 1080 x 2160 pixels 5.6″
CameraQuad Lens: 13 MP + 2 MP, 1080p
Battery3000 mAh

The default EMUI camera app is easy to use and comes with several important features. In addition to the standard photo and video mode, you’ll find Pro photo, Pro video, HDR, Panorama, Light painting, Time-lapse, Filter, Watermark and more. One feature that works particularly well is the wide aperture mode. The dual cameras help to differentiate the background from the object you’re shooting, so you can blur the background or even apply filters to it.

Sample Photos

The aquarium gives us some tricky lighting situations to test the phone in. There’s also quite a bit of movement, with the fishes swimming around. Check out these sample photos to see how to phone performed.

When a phones starts at the price of ₹10,999 ($170 USD), you just expect it to have a bad camera. The Honor 9 Lite proves that you don’t have to settle for a bad camera just because you’re getting an entry level phone.

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