The Honor View20 Uses Dual-Frequency GPS for a Better Signal

The Honor View20 Uses Dual-Frequency GPS for a Better Signal

Since phones started getting equipped with GPS, there hasn’t been much of an evolution in the technology. For the longest time, if you bought a budget smartphone, you’d more or less get the same GPS performance as the most expensive flagship phone. That’s because the standard has been to use a single-frequency GPS receiver in any smartphone. Some manufactures are starting to change this with the implementation of dual-frequency GPS technology. This technology is designed to give you a more accurate GPS signal.

Broadcom BCM47755 via GPSWorld

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When Honor designed the Honor View20, they decided it was important to give consumers a more accurate GPS. The Honor View20, along with future Honor devices, has the improved dual-frequency GPS. This makes the phone much more accurate in environments with tall buildings. Large buildings and structures will confuse single-frequency GPS phones by bouncing the satellite signal off of different surfaces, giving your phone’s GPS an accuracy of up to only five meters. Dual-frequency GPS solves this issue by tracking two signals on different radio frequencies, being received by the satellite. Using this method, the Honor View20 can achieve an accuracy of up to 30cm as opposed to five meters.

Honor View20 with Dual-Frequency GPS

Along with a more accurate GPS, the Honor View20 also has a much stronger signal in areas where other phones would fail. We took the Honor View20 to an multi-level parking garage where any normal phone would lose signal. With data turned off, and using a local offline map from Google Maps, we launched the maps app on the OnePlus 6T and Honor View20. As you can see in the video, the Honor View20 is able to find a signal instantly, while the OnePlus 6T was never able to get a signal.

ObePlus 6T (Left) Honor View20 (Right)

We will likely see dual-frequency GPS in most future Honor devices, providing a much more accurate GPS signal.

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