The OnePlus 3/3T Will Receive Android O by the End of 2017

The OnePlus 3/3T Will Receive Android O by the End of 2017

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The OnePlus 5 may be the the talk of the town right now, but OnePlus still has a lot to prove to consumers when it comes to updating their older devices. OnePlus previously confirmed that the company would be updating their previous flagship smartphones to Android O, but thanks to a recent AMA that the company held on Reddit, we now have a due date as to when we can expect that update to hit.

After Reddit user The_Malteser asked, “Will the OP3 and OP3T be forgotten now that the OP5 is out?” a OnePlus representative from the OxygenOS product team responded by saying, “Nooo. 3/3T will get Android O update within this year.” OnePlus unfortunately didn’t get any more specific than this, but a confirmation that the update will be available before 2017 is over is at least slightly reassuring.

We say slightly because, although the OP3 and OP3T have received regular software updates since their release, we still have to deal with the fact that OnePlus has no official plans for updating the OnePlus 2 – a phone that could have been updated to Nougat but won’t (at least officially).

Assuming OnePlus sticks with this claim and does deliver Android O to the 3 and 3T by the end of the year, just what can we expect? Android O still hasn’t officially released outside of a few Developer Previews on Nexus and Pixel devices, but thanks to these previews we know that the 3/3T should get picture-in-picture support for watching videos while doing other tasks, icons that can adapt to certain shapes for a more consistent look, the ability to snooze individual notifications, and plenty more (not to mention any extra goodies that OnePlus decides to throw on top with OxygenOS).

We, along with most fans of OnePlus phones, do hope that the Android O update is released in a timely manner for the OnePlus 3/3T.

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