The Pixel Watch is launching this fall alongside the Pixel 7

The Pixel Watch is launching this fall alongside the Pixel 7

Google has announced that it’s launching its first Pixel-branded smartwatch, simply called the Google Pixel Watch, alongside the Pixel 7 smartphones later this year. The watch has a circular dome design and it’s built from recycled stainless steel. It also features a rotating crown on the side, complete with tactile feedback.

This all appears to line up with leaked images that were spotted a few weeks ago. Google is also touting a replaceable wristband that attaches “seamlessly”, and it seems to be a proprietary design.

As you’d expect, the Google Pixel Watch will support the full array of Google features, including Google Assistant with voice commands and support for Tap-to-Pay with Google Pay. It’s also going to debut with a new UI for Wear OS, including more fluid navigations and smart notifications.


Of course, Google is also leveraging its acquisition of Fitbit last year by building Fitbit software directly into the Google Pixel Watch. You’ll be able to see information about your active minutes, stats, fitness goals, and more. The watch will also support continuous heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking, so it’s looking like a very complete Wear OS experience.

Google says the Pixel Watch will launch this fall alongside the Pixel 7 family, which was also teased for the first time today, seemingly in an attempt to get ahead of the inevitable leaks.  Google didn’t dive deep into the details of the Pixel Watch, but it said we can expect to hear more in the coming months.

While Google didn’t say a lot, we’ve been hearing about the Pixel Watch for a while now, and one of the most recent reports points to a 300mAh battery that could last between one and two days. Of course, we’ll have to wait for more official details to know that for sure.

The most important thing that remains to be seen is whether Google’s first-party efforts in the Wear OS space can revitalize the platform. Last year, the company got Samsung to ditch Tizen in favor of Wear OS, and likely thanks to that, we saw Samsung claim that it sold three times more Wear OS devices compared to the year before. Hopefully, this is the additional push needed to make it a more suitable rival to Apple’s watchOS.

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