The XDA Team

XDA was founded in 2002, and we’ve been modding phones since you were just a babe. We are always looking for talented writers and video personalities, so please contact us if you’d like to join.

Mario SerraferoEditor-in-Chief
Mario Serrafero
XDA Username: TachyonGun

Managing Editor
Mishaal Rahman

Contributing Editor & Social Media Manager
Mathew Brack
XDA Username: MathewBrack

Senior Editor
Daniel Marchena
XDA Username: altimax98

News Writer
Doug Lynch

Contributing Editor
Eric Hulse
XDA Username: eallan

Contributing Editor
Germain Z
XDA Username: GermainZ

Adam Conway

Senior Editor
Aamir Siddiqui
XDA Username: a.cid

News Writer
Kristin Spradlin

Contributing Editor
Faiz Malkani
XDA Username: Faiz Malkani

Contributing Editor
Eric Ralph


Community Editor
Punya Vashist

Senior Editor
Steven Zimmerman

Contributing Editor
Arol Wright