The Ultimate Sit-Stand Desk Costs Less Than You Think

The Ultimate Sit-Stand Desk Costs Less Than You Think

If you sit at a desk for long periods of time every day you’ve likely heard about the supposed health risks associated with it. You’ve also probably done some research on sit-stand desks and found out that they can be pretty expensive. The prices have come down a lot recently, but you can still easily spend over $500 for a fully motorized standing desk. Autonomous is a company making high-quality standing desks, and the SmartDesk 2 Home Office is more affordable than you might expect.

The key to actually using a standing desk as often as you should is for it to be convenient. Some of the cheaper “standing desk” options are devices that you place on your desk and have to manually lift up. There are also some integrated desks that use a manual crank for raising and lowering. These sound like good ways to save some money, but in the end, they become a nuisance and you revert to sitting. A standing desk with a built-in motor and preset heights is the easiest solution, and you don’t have to pay a lot for it with the Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Home Office.


The SmartDesk 2 Home Office starts at only $329 and it includes everything you need: frame, desktop, motor, and controls. The control pad includes an LED display, simple up and down arrows to raise and lower, plus 4 programmable height settings. Once you find the perfect height for sitting and standing, you only have to press a button once to go there. The desk rises smoothly and quietly, so you don’t have to worry about your coffee tipping over.

You can customize the look of your desk with a number of color options. For only $329, you can mix and match between white, black, walnut, and white oak tops and white, black, or grey frames. You can also spend a little more and get a bamboo top for $379 or get a bigger 70.5 x 30-inch top for $419. With all of these options, you can make sure the desk fits in with your office decor.

Autonomous has a few other standing desks to choose from as well. The SmartDesk 2 Business Office has a three-segment frame that can go up to 52-inches and start at $399. The L-Shaped SmartDesk has a large footprint that’s perfect for corners and starts at $529. Autonomous also offers an Art Desk, a curved Executive desk, a Double Desk, and a DIY kit that doesn’t include the desktop. Autonomous also offers chairs, standing mats, and other accessories to deck out your office.

Improving your health and focus at work doesn’t have to be costly. The Autonomous SmartDesk 2 has all the bells and whistles you could need, plus plenty of customization options to fit in any workspace. Don’t wait any longer to try out a standing desk!

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