See How the vivo V23 Series Sparks Joy

See How the vivo V23 Series Sparks Joy

vivo brings a color-changing finish to a phone that also has exceptional camera capabilities

The challenges that people have experienced in the last two years have touched everyone in one way or another. People are looking to have fun again, and want experiences that bring them joy. For situations like this, remember to look for excitement in the little things. We found that the new vivo V23 series is the perfect phone to lead the way in making phones fun again.

You might find that something as simple as a phone can produce quite a bit of happiness and good spirits. This concept is what inspired vivo to create a phone that takes these things into consideration. The vivo V23 series is designed to inspire users with the color-changing materials that are built into these new models. The back of the Sunshine Gold version of the vivo V23 series has the ability to shift from gold to a bluish-green. Watch the colors change on the surface around the back camera module which is housing one of vivo’s most impressive cameras to date. The V23 series excels in photography features from both its rear and front cameras.


vivo V23 Series – Designed to Inspire Joy

With the goal of designing a phone that has a comfortable and natural feel for its users, vivo has created a phone with a color-changing surface. vivo has been experimenting with different color-changing materials since 2018. Primarily, their research has focused on thermochromic materials, photochromic materials, and active color-changing processes. Ultimately a technology called photochromism is used to achieve the color-changing effect. This technology also allows users to “paint” their own temporary designs into the back of their Sunshine Gold V23, using a UV light or natural sunlight. When light comes into contact with the phone, it will activate the color-changing process on the bits of the surface that it comes in contact with.

vivo V23 5G Light Pattern

You can watch the V23 Sunshine Gold shift between warm and calming colors when the light hits the back of the phone. It’s a remarkable effect that breathes new life into the typical designs that we have come to expect in our smartphones.

The decision to implement this color-changing design was made after extensive studies from vivo’s research teams in China, Gurgaon, India, and Dusseldorf, Germany. In addition to their own research teams, vivo partnered with third-party companies to conduct research on new markets. They extensively explored the needs of local consumers in these areas, to find out how the last two years have affected them, and how to develop a phone that addresses this research.

Based on the data that was collected, vivo came up with two designs for the V23 series. Both the vivo V23 5G and V23 Pro models will be available in Sunshine Gold with the color-changing feature, and Stardust Black. The images below show the color change effect on the Sunshine Gold model.

These colors are inspired by the calming, warm, and energetic aspects of nature. This particular effect is meant to mimic the colors you can see in a sunset. It is warm and comforting while changing the look of your phone, depending on the lighting of your environment. These colors are meant to leave the user with a more positive vibe.

The Stardust Black color might appear to be a simple black surface at first, but look a little closer and you’ll see a field of stars sparkling in the light. Hints of blue can be seen when the right light hits it. This color option mimics the feeling you’ll get when staring up into the night sky and seeing the vastness of our galaxy.

vivo V23 Pro in Stardust Black

The design is complemented by Fluorite AG technology on both the V23 5G and Pro models to provide a super fine and textured feel that is soft to touch yet resistant to fingerprints.

Capturing Life with Amazing Photography Tools

In addition to the look and feel of the phone, vivo extended the idea of bringing joy through the V23 series experience, into its cameras. Capture the best version of yourself with powerful cameras that take advantage of vivo’s new Natural Portrait effect which is available on both the front and rear cameras. This feature is based on extensive research into portrait photography, including skin texture, skin shading, and the placement of facial features. The base layer of the photo will be a very realistic and authentic capture of your face, with adjustable features to help you achieve a vivid portrait effect that suits your own unique style.

To enable users to capture the best selfies possible, the V23 series also includes two sensors on the front of the phone. The main sensor is a 50MP camera that captures incredible detail. The other sensor is an 8MP super wide-angle camera that is perfect for high-quality group selfies with your friends.

vivo V23 Series 50MP AF Dual Camera

While most phones skip out on including a front-facing flash, vivo has included two flashes on either side of the front camera, which enable the Dual-Tone Spotlight. This allows you to fill your selfie shots with balanced light. You’ll notice a massive improvement in your selfies when you start using the vivo V23 series. With the Dual-Tone Spotlight and AI Extreme Night function, the V23 series allows for better shots in dark environments.

vivo V23 Pro

The main camera is made up of a triple sensor setup. The main camera is led by a 64MP [V23 5G]/ 108MP [V23 Pro] camera that takes advantage of nano pixel-binning technology to produce stunningly detailed shots. Even in low-light environments, the new Smart ISO allows for brighter and clearer photos. You’ll also find an ultra-wide 8MP camera and a 2MP macro camera. Together this is a versatile system that captures scenes from all frames – ultrawide or super closeups.

Powering all of these tools is the MediaTek Dimensity 920 5G chipset on the V23 5G model or the MediaTek Dimensity 1200 5G on the Pro model. You have options for 8GB or 12GB of RAM, and 128GB or 256GB of storage. You can find out more information on the vivo V23 series on the official page here.

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