The Weekly Q&A: Week 21

The Weekly Q&A: Week 21

On this weeks Q&A we have selected 5 questions found in the forum. Although they may not be specific questions that are relative to you, they may serve a purpose to someone else with the same question.


I am seriously considering to buy 2 phones for my mom and my cousin back home in india.

I have brought down the choices to ZTE Blade and Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 and Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. I myself have a Samsung Galaxy S and I love the Super AMOLED screen (which is almost same as the one in Blade).

My mom loves bejeweled, and my family has a history of using Sony Ericsson phones (every one loves sony ericsson). My cousin just needs a phone to use social networking features.

Whichever phone I buy, I am going to unlock it and I have plans to install stock rom on it and make it updated(?).

I also have considered T-Mobile G1. I’m confused.

Which one should I buy?

A: Hello,

I think you should ask yourself a few questions :

– is the operating system importatant for you ? Android, Windows, Symbian ?
– What capacities ? Camera ? 3G ? GPS ? Budget ?
– WHAT NETWORK IN INDIA, specially for the 3G : what frequency ? Samsung is UMTS 900/2100Mhz, Nokia is UMTS 850/900/1900/2100/1700,…..

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Q: Hi,
I upgraded my Samsung I9000, from Éclair 2.1 to Froyo 2.2, with Odin, (everything is working fine),  but…
My question is;
If I do a Hardware Reset does the phone downgrades to is factory default, in this case “Éclair 2.1”, or it stays with the last OS installed?

Does anyone knows what happens??

A: When you flash a new firmware, the firmware is permanently installed. Performing a factory reset will NOT revert your phone to its older version. Only a reflash will do this.

Factory reset only resets things that are stored in user data space. Such as your contacts, custom settings and any apps that you have installed (not counting those that Samsung/Google have put into the system)

So there you have it. You can safely perform that reset if you want.

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Q: To date, only superRAM builds have been able to provide the same framerate as retail phones with android when browsing the web or scrolling between homescreens. Will having a NAND build improve in this area at all? Or is the overall user experience just the same as the SD builds?

A: Nand pro: steady signal
Nand con: slower! Everyone that says nand is superfast didn’t experience the difference with ram builds like the miui ram.

Oh and battery life, that is your radio.. Change and test which one is best for u

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Q: Quick question. I have a evo 4g on boost mobile. Everything works and its also rooted. This was how i purchased the phone. If i decide to flash a custom rom, is it going to bump my current boost settings back to sprint? Or is that only if i update the  PRL or the radio? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A: To be on the safe side, get APN Backup and Restore, it is free from the market. This will save your APN (access point network), just in case there are any config parameters (like proxy settings) that are needed in boost. The poster above was right though, flashing the device with a new rom will not change your Radio, your PRL, or any of your PST programming parameters.

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Q: Since i’m bored, i wanted to experiment with ADB, i know what it is, and what happens on it.
I’ve never used it, but i want to start
i just downloaded android SDK

idk what else to do, i searched ADB on the windows search thing, but i get 3 results, 1 is from something else, and another when i try to open says adbwinapi.dll is missing from your computer. try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

i can’t find adb on the folder i downloaded, whats wrong?

can someone tell/link me to a step-by-step instruction?

A: Not sure where else there are tuts but I learned from the ADB for dummies tut in the G1 development section (when I had my G1).

I would link but I’m on my phone and can’t figure out how/if it can can be done w/ the app. Just go to the informative links sticky. Theres lots of basic android info there. Some translates to vibrant some doesn’t. But good reading nonetheless.

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And that concludes this week’s Q&A. We hope some of these answers helped you.

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