The Weekly Q&A: Week 33

The Weekly Q&A: Week 33

Ok, it´s time for our weekly Questions and Answers article. We have selected five Q&A found on XDA. Even though some of these might not be of help to you, they might still be interesting to read.

Q: I’ve been seeing this problem for a few weeks now, with several different ROMs, including the original rooted stock ROM now. In nearly all of my recent calls, I get disconnected one or more times with the message “Call disconnected” and a “Dismiss” button. I’m thinking that this is because of my EVO and not the other side, since usually if they accidentally hang up or something the call just ends without a message box. As far as I can tell, I have good reception (at least according to the bars), and this is happening at home, where I’ve not had the problem before.

Does anyone know what could be causing this? My wife’s EVO is not rooted, and she does not seem to be having this problem. But then again, I’ve not had the problem until fairly recently either. I’ve tried updating my profile and PRL with each new ROM, but it doesn’t seem to have made a difference. Anyone have any suggestions as to how to stop this from happening?

A: You can try downgrading from to You can download it from…
Afterwards, go into recovery, wipe cache & dalvik cache then flash the zip. You will be taken to the radio update screen and appear to hang. don’t worry or get impatient. After it is finished, you will reboot into recovery and see the words “clearing cache” at the top of the screen. Simply select reboot and then you will boot to your homescreen. The initial boot will take a tad longer since it will be rebuilding the dalvik.

Originally posted in EVO Q&A.

Q: Windows Live ID Service

Did the Block HD2 from Market or is it just temporary?
Anyone same issues?

A: I have gotten similar messages (translated your with google) and marketplace has been down for a day or so, but working the next… this has happened once or twice..

Originally posted in HD2 Windows Phone 7 Q&A.

Q: How safe is rooting, following this (or a different guide you recommend)? I.E chance of bricking, etc.

I’ve taken a backup of my SD card (copy + pasted all folders in windows explorer, hopefully that does the trick) – what else should I know before carrying on?

-How should I root my phone and are there any known problems?
-How should I back up my phone before rooting (and how destructive is rooting)?
-Anything else I should know.

Orange, UK, unlocked phone, bought sim-free through dialaphone (they put together a sim only contract and sim-free handset and sell it as a bundle).


A: There is an excellent guide on xda. Just search Google or xda for “s-off tool HTC desire hd xda” . If you follow it step by step, you will get root, and s-off. S-off will enable you to flash custom ROMs or kernels. There is a link there also for the devs other tool “eng s-off” needed if you want to flash radios.

But, first of all you’ll have to set your pc up and able to communicate in ADB. You’ll need to dl: HTC sync, sdk tools, fastboot.exe, and some other I can’t quite remember off top of my head….not at pc or home.

If your phone is branded, you’ll need to make a “gold card”. There are guides around for that.

Next follow the s-off guide exactly. There is a link to visionary, which will give you root access, but not able to install any kernels, or ROMs.
Then use the s-off tool and eng s-off tool (if you want).

If you follow these guides exactly, there will not be a problem. Just make sure you have lots of battery, read all the guides steps at least twice, and warnings. There is always a risk.

Before you flash any custom ROM, best also to make a clockworkmod recovery of your original Rom, and copy to a safe place.

So I can’t be more specific with the guides, I’m away, just put those quotes into Google, and follow the links in the posts, and you’ll be fine.

Originally posted in Desire HD Q&A.

Q: I see on ASUS site that the tablet comes with “ASUS Waveface Interface” – I thought it was just straight Honeycomb with some preinstalled apps. But apparently not.

Any who can explain what the Waveface Interface does differently from Honeycomb?


ASUS Waveface also plays host to a set of helpful and unique utilities:

  • MyNet: In 3 simple steps you can wirelessly stream media content between devices around the home including desktops and TV.
  • MyLibrary: A clever way to consolidate your must-read books and magazines into one easy-to-navigate profile. Supporting PDF and ePub formats, it offers global content including Googlebooks, and a set of handy utilities to make reading easier including a dictionary, translator, bookmarker, notes and even text-to-speech (requires app download).
  • MyCloud: Easy access to cloud content including WebStorage and the ASUS @Vibe media library (which offers downloads of a huge range of music, video and games to enjoy wherever you are).
  • MyDesktop: A secure remote log-in application which lets you control files and applications on your other devices via the Eee Pad Transformer – including Android, Windows or Mac computers. So, if you forget to email an important file to work and it’s still on your home computer, you can connect to Desktop and do it from where you are

Originally posted in ASUS Eee Transformer General.

Q: Hey all you ROM-cookers out there! I’m new to this thread but still I suppose I’m able to learn quickly.

For 2 days now I’m trying to find a way to flash the current NoDo ROM for the HD7 onto my Phone. It’s an o2-Germany Phone with ID O2___102.

Here’s my material:
– The NoDo Rom for HD7 HTC-Europe: from here (Flashable on IDs: HTC__001, HTC__203, HTC__102, HTC__032, HTC__405, HTC__304)
– The three Unbranding O2_DE ROM Files from Ansar: from here (All Flashable on IDs: O2___102)
they are:
* 1 – RUU_Schubert_O2_DE_1.61.207.01_Radio_5.52.09.16_22 .33a.50.10U_by_ansar
* 2 – RUU_Schubert_O2_DE_1.16.401.01_Radio_5.51.09.06a_2 (Which always leads to an error in the end)
* 3 – RUU_Schubert_O2_DE_1.61.207.01_Radio_5.52.09.16_22 .33a.50.10U_Signed_by_ansar
– An Original O2ROM from here
– An ominous ModelID.fig from the Ansar files (could it be, this is only an Imagefile?)

I worked with Hex-Editors, the NBH-Image Tool v1-2 here
but still: Everytime my created ROM gets stuck at 0%.

Here’s what I tried already:
– Following this post I inserted the ModelID.fig into the HTC-Europe NoDo-Update Folder -> Stopped at 1% saying: Wrong ID – what a surprise! 😉
– Change ID in RUU_signed.nbh and SPL from NoDo Update via Hex-Editor from HTC__001 to O2___102 and keep all other IDs -> 0%
– Change ID in RUU_signed.nbh and SPL from NoDo Update via Hex-Editor from HTC__001 to O2___102 and delete all other IDs -> 0%
– Unpack the original o2-ROM (RUU and SPL) via the NBH-ImageTool and repack it, try to flash it. Why does THIS not work? -> 0%
– Following this post and the ones after that I joked around with extraction out of and into the OS-Files. Nice Tools – but it didn’t work out (See above- even with the original o2 ROM – just unpacked and repacked didn’t work…) So no use here…

Here’s my understanding of what should work and is my goal to achieve: If I unpack the NoDo-Rom with the NBH-ImageTool, enter the right CID and repack it – then it should update on my HD7 from O2-DE, right? –> It doesn’t ;(
Got that idea from here.

Do i need the right O2_DE pvk file to sign my ROMS with the NBHImageTool? Do I get that somewhere? (Suppose: No)

So can anybody give me a hint what I do wrong?

A: you could try this.

use the SPL_signed.nbh from a rom you can flash to .
so the nodo .nbh(RUU_signed.nbh from the new c&p build) and the SPL_signed.nbh from a rom you can flash.

Originally posted in Windows Phone 7 Chef Central.

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