These are some of the screen protectors T-Mobile will sell for the Pixel 6 Pro

These are some of the screen protectors T-Mobile will sell for the Pixel 6 Pro

The Pixel 6 series might be the most leaked new phones ever, and now we know some of the screen protectors T-Mobile will sell for them.

According to our sources, T-Mobile will sell their own GoTo brand of screen protectors for the upcoming Pixel 6 line, likely alongside other brands. The Pixel 6 will get a tempered glass screen protector while the Pro will only get a roll-on.

A few locations are already placing the screen protectors on shelves too, as seen below.

T-Mobile started their GoTo brand of accessories back in January of 2020, offering cases, screen protectors, and chargers for all the top devices. They’re available both online and in-store at retail locations and provide a more budget-friendly option for accessories compared to major brands. Store reps will even apply the screen protectors for you, saving the hassle of trying to get all those air bubbles out.


GoTo accessories (and nearly everything else T-Mobile sells) can also be placed on an Equipment Installment Plan, as long as the total cost of the accessories purchased is greater than $49. This splits the cost over 24 months just like a phone installment plan. It’s often a good choice when buying a new device at T-Mobile, because the cost can be added to the monthly cost of your new phone and only add an additional $2 or so to your bill.

Customers that opt into T-Mobile’s Protection<360> insurance (including former Sprint Complete customers) can get unlimited free screen protector replacements too, and only pay for the initial cost of the first screen protector. If it ever breaks, tears, or gets damaged, simply visit a store and ask for a new one to be applied.

We’re told pricing for the GoTo screen protectors is set at $40 for the Pixel 6 tempered glass and $30 for the Pixel 6 Pro roll-on. They’re available now, though you probably want to wait for the phone itself to release first.

Featured image credit: T-Mobile

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