These Wireless Headphones Are Perfect for the Frequent Flyer

These Wireless Headphones Are Perfect for the Frequent Flyer

When you visit another country, chances are that you will pack a pair of headphones. You might use them to enjoy music on your flight or in your hotel room. But with the Aunu Audio M50 True Wireless Headphones, you can also get live translations for 33 languages. Just as importantly, they provide excellent sound quality and battery life. They are now only $84.99 when you use code MerrySave15 for 15% off at the XDA Developers Depot.

Being lightweight and water resistant, the M50s headphones are great for everyday listening. You get six hours of playback on a full charge, and 150 hours of battery life with the supplied charging case. 

Thanks to 6mm graphene drivers and Bluetooth technology, these headphones deliver outstanding audio quality. In addition, the M50 headphones have dual mics to pick up your voice — great for hands-free calls and speaking to Siri.

To get live translations, you simply install the Aunu language app on your phone. The app can handle an impressive list of languages and dialects, including Chinese, French, Russian, Italian, and Spanish. 

Worth $229.98 in total, the headphones and the app are now just $84.99 with the code.


Aunu Audio M50 True Wireless Headphones + Companion Translator App – $84.99 w/ code MerrySave15

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