Third Generation Amazon Fire TV Announced, Includes 4K UHD and HDR Support at $69.99

Third Generation Amazon Fire TV Announced, Includes 4K UHD and HDR Support at $69.99

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The Amazon Fire TV has been one of the best-selling digital media players available in the market, ever since it was introduced back in 2014. The first-generation player included 2 GB of RAM, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor, and support for 1080p video playback, making it a compelling package back in the day. The second-generation device, introduced in 2015, added 4K UHD support and improved processor speeds for roughly the same price. Today, Amazon has announced the third generation of its Amazon Fire TV streaming device, adding some substantial improvements over the previous generation devices while lowering the price tag considerably.

The new Amazon Fire TV, aside from including 4K UHD support like its predecessor, also includes high dynamic range (HDR) support for multimedia playback on HDR-compatible TVs. HDR allows for more vivid, true-to-life colors on videos and images, and puts the Fire TV on par, feature-wise, with other media players like the Chromecast Ultra or the recently launched Apple TV 4K. The new Amazon Fire TV also comes with Alexa support built in, allowing you to search, control and launch content using your voice. It also allows you to pair your Fire TV with any of your Echo devices — including the just-announced Echo Spot, which will launch in December. There’s currently no information on internal specs, but the second generation device was powered by a MediaTek 8173C, so it’s unsure whether they will continue using an MTK chipset this time around.

The 3rd-generation Amazon Fire TV also includes a drastic price reduction, making the device even more affordable than ever. While previous Amazon Fire TVs have retailed for a $99.99 price point, the 3rd-generation Fire TV will be available for $69.99. The device will launch on October 25th, initially available in the US, with no information yet for availability in other countries. The Fire TV has previously launched in the UK, Germany, Japan and India, and we expect these countries to also receive this much-needed refresh eventually during the coming months. To see more about the new Fire TV, you can check out the Amazon press release, when you will see the whole list of new features and improvements.

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