This $40 Kit Is Loaded with Protective Gear for Going Back Outside

This $40 Kit Is Loaded with Protective Gear for Going Back Outside

When you can’t see your enemy, your defense is doubly important. In the case of coronavirus, this means stocking up on protective equipment. Many of these products are running low in the shops, but there is another way to acquire the essential gear. The Shelter-In-Place Protective Care Bundle contains hand sanitizer, protective masks, and tools that help you interact with the world safely. You can get the Starter version now for just $39.99 at the XDA Developers Depot.

Although many states are starting to open, there are still over 1.5 million confirmed cases in the country. Whenever you go out, there is a chance you could touch the same surfaces as someone who is infected. This bundle helps you avoid these risks and comply with local laws.


First up, you get a 10-pack of FDA-registered masks. With triple-layer filtration, they provide excellent protection. They also have comfortable ear loops, meaning you can happily wear your mask all day.

To keep your hands clean, the bundle includes a two-pack of 2oz hand sanitizers. Made with active ingredients, the liquid kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria.

You also get two Safe “Touch N Go” Keys. These aluminum tools allow you to push buttons, open doors, and operate switches without touching surfaces directly.

It’s worth $79.95, but you can get the bundle now for $39.99.


Shelter-In-Place Protective Care Bundle (Starter) – $39.99

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