This Android Screen Recorder app now supports recording at 90fps and 120fps

This Android Screen Recorder app now supports recording at 90fps and 120fps

The latest rage and trend in the smartphone ecosystem is, by far, high refresh-rate displays. The OnePlus 7 Pro is widely regarded as being one of the phones responsible for kickstarting this trend. Formerly a gimmick that used to be present in gaming devices, it is now present in several devices such as the OnePlus 7T and the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. And with good reason: higher refresh rates manage to make phones feel considerably smoother, to the point one’s eyes may feel spoiled when going back to displays with regular refresh rates. Still, not a lot of apps support these higher refresh rates as of yet: most screen recorders, for example, are still capped at 60fps while there are devices out there capable of going up to 90fps and even 120fps.


This is changing now, though. The generic-named “Screen Recorder – No Ads” app, available on Google Play, has added support for screen recording up to 120fps on supported devices. This means that you’ll be able to record your screen’s full might—of course, given that your device has a 90Hz or 120Hz display. We’ve covered this app in detail before, as it was one of the first apps to support Android 10’s internal audio recording feature for screen recording. There’s not a lot of use cases I could find this feature useful right now as users without a high refresh rate display will still see the video in 60fps, but as they become more mainstream, the need for it will eventually arise.

If you want to check out high refresh rate recording, you can check out the app on the Google Play Store, and download it to your device right now.

Screen Recorder
Developer: Kimcy929
Price: Free+

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