This Groundbreaking SEO Tool Makes Your Competitors Work for You

This Groundbreaking SEO Tool Makes Your Competitors Work for You


If you work in tech, web development, marketing, or practically any industry that utilizes the internet to drive organic web traffic to a site, having a winning SEO (search engine optimization) strategy and configuration is essential.

And while there are several services available that offer tips on how to favorably modify a website’s content to increase traffic, and programs that offer coding automation to increase things like keyword relevance, only Serpstat allows for fully-integrated, cloud-based, multi-platform SEO automation. Right now you can get a lifetime license to Serpstat for $34.99.

Designed primarily for SEO/PPC professionals and site owners who have hit a wall with their current SEO platform, Serpstat consists of five key modules: Global Rank Tracker, Backlink Explorer, Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis tools, and advanced SEO Audit—each of which plays a unique and crucial role in driving new users to your site through a combination of in-depth analysis and the application of intelligent algorithms.

Unlike other rank tacking services on the market, Serpstat infinitely stores the top 100 search results for every keyword, not just the rank of one domain for a tracked keyword. Serpstat’s in-house databases count over half a billion keywords, domains and search suggestions, and include regional databases for eight different countries.

You’ll be amazed by how quickly you can calculate keyword difficulties, compare keywords to main performance indicators, uncover international data, and analyze keyword trends to plan ad campaigns.

Find out for yourself why Serpstat has been consistently ranked as the Most Up-Voted SEO Tool on Product Hunt. It’s currently available for just $34.99.

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