This highly-rated ebook shows you how to code Android apps with Kotlin

This highly-rated ebook shows you how to code Android apps with Kotlin

When you first start learning a new skill, video tutorials can help you pick up the basics. But for a deeper understanding, sometimes you simply need to read the manual. When it comes to modern app development, Android Programming with Kotlin for Beginners is the ultimate learning resource. This eBook teaches you everything there is to know about making apps for Android 10 and above, and it’s now just $19.99 at the XDA Developers Depot.

For many years, Java was the primary programming language of Android. But since Google endorsed Kotlin, many developers now prefer this more modern option. For instance, the official apps from Pinterest, Evernote, Tinder, Slack, Netflix, and Basecamp are all made with Kotlin.


This eBook helps you start building your own apps, with 698 pages filled with knowledge. Rated at 4.6 out of 5 stars by readers, the digital guide first helps you understand how Kotlin and Android fit together.

You then take a deep dive into Kotlin programming concepts, including variables, functions, data structures, and more. You also learn about the design side, with chapters on animation and sound effects. The eBook even looks at multilingual text — essential for reaching a worldwide audience.

The author of this impressive guide is John Horton, the founder of Game Code School. For this eBook, he teamed up with Packt Publishing, a company that has published over 6,500 IT books and videos.

The eBook normally retails for $31, but you can order today for $19.99 to get lifetime access.


Android Programming with Kotlin for Beginners [eBook] – $19.99

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