This is our first real-life look at the Galaxy S22 Ultra

This is our first real-life look at the Galaxy S22 Ultra

We’re likely a few months away from Samsung officially revealing the Galaxy S22 series, but a few details have already emerged. The phones will probably arrive in February, and the first renders of the Galaxy S22 Ultra have already appeared. Now the first real-life photos of the S22 Ultra have appeared, giving us a better look at Samsung’s next ultra-flagship smartphone.

The images come from Front Page Tech, showing the front and back of the S22 Ultra, as well as the S Pen. Just as previous leaks indicated, the phone has a built-in slot for an S Pen, likely making this phone the replacement for Samsung’s long-running Galaxy Note series. Last year’s Galaxy S21 Ultra supported S Pen input, but there was nowhere to store the stylus in the phone — you had to carry it separately, or purchase a case with an S Pen slot.


The images show off the new design for the camera array, without a uniform raised surface like on the Galaxy S21 series (and earlier leaks for the Galaxy S22 Ultra). Instead, each of the cameras protrude from the back of the phone. Details are still fuzzy on what each camera does, but the lowest camera appears to be a periscope telephoto lens, and may not be any better than what the S21 Ultra offered.

The front display is still curved along the edges (gross), with the same centered hole-punch camera at the top. Besides the slot for the S Pen, there aren’t any surprises on the bottom of the phone. You still have the usual speaker, USB Type-C port, and what appears to be a SIM card slot.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra leak

If the previous reports about a February release date were correct (which does line up with the last few years of Galaxy S-series launches), we won’t have to wait much longer for Samsung to show off the phones. The Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus have also leaked, but if the differences between early renders and these photos are anything to go by, the designs might be slightly different than expected.

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