This smart pen writes notes in ink and stores them on the cloud

This smart pen writes notes in ink and stores them on the cloud

Science tells us that putting pen on paper allows us to use parts of our brain that a keyboard cannot reach. However, storing endless pieces of paper is a nightmare. The NEWYES Smart Pen Set solves this problem using some clever technology. The pen records every scribble on the supplied dot-grid paper, while the included tablet provides extra writing room. You can get the set now for $149 at the XDA Developers Depot.

Many of us nowadays can type faster than we write. In addition, digital apps have useful features such as search and text editing. But there are occasions when writing notes by hand and sketching out ideas is more efficient.


NEWYES combines the best of both worlds. Listed as one of the “best smart pens for 2020” by Digital Trends, this set is based around a smart pen that doubles as a stylus. When you want to put ink on paper, you simply open up the binder and make your mark. The pen automatically records every stroke, and uploads your notes to the cloud.

If you need extra writing room, you can move over to the supplied LCD tablet. This saves your notes offline, and sends a backup to the cloud. In addition, you can use the device to attach audio to your written notes. 

You can easily access your uploaded notes via your smartphone or tablet. The tablet also offers access, with support for note video playback and eight hours of battery life.

The set is usually priced at $180, but you can get it now for $149 in Blue or $139.99 in Red and Black.


NEWYES Smart Pen Set: The Coolest Paperless & Digitized Set – $149

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